Sunday, October 11, 2015

Various Or Type Small Houses Minimalist

The house is one of the basic needs that must be fulfilled after the food and clothing needs are met. In this case, the home certainly plays an important role in human life. To build a minimalist house type steps that should be done is to determine the pattern or design of homes that will be built. Various ways that should be done to make this such a minimalist home of determining design interior, exterior, and others. There are various kinds or types of small house minimalist among type 36, type 45 and type 54.


To build a minimalist house type 36 you can make a house plan in advance using the basic concept of development with land size of approximately 30 square meters, with a gauge length of each building 6 meters wide and 5 meters of the building. Thus you will more easily determine the amount of room you want. After determining the layout you can specify number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen and each 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Then the remaining land you can use as a minimalist space or access as a garnish.



Minimalist small house seem simple and not complicated which is becoming a trend among the people of Indonesia today is home to 45. The house type with a type that is certainly offers an abundance of charm of simplicity but does not leave the impression of an elegant and modern look of course. When compared with many other types, desian minimalist house with type 45 is the most popoler in because of the size, which is very fitting for a newlywed couple who are looking for housing that is safe and comfortable. To maximize the design of the room, you can set it with the needs you want.


Minimalist house with the type 54 is certainly a wider size, when compared with the previous types are. A lot of young couples who are looking for the type of house like this for the sake of comfort. Minimalist house certainly is promoting a simple form so impressed elegant look. Similarly, information about several types of small houses minimalist, may be useful. Thank you.

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