Sunday, October 11, 2015

Advantages Minimalist House Design Level

Usually word of minimalist home itself has shown how simple of a house and will be small when compared with the big houses and fancy there. However, there is also a minimalist house like this that it can contain a lot of places, namely the minimalist level .

Yes, of course, can be a minimalist home a terraced house. But the name of the house, would be nice if no more than two levels. Although it is small, minimalist level house will look cute and elegant when constructed properly. The architecture is so important things to note for this sort of thing.



Maximize Small House Type 
By making the minimalist level, you managed to maximize the use of land owned by you which is small by expanding into a two-story residence. Type can be called a minimalist home with a small type. By making it so level, the use of space also increases.


Home-Level-Minimalist-Home-With-Play-Area Children

For example, the second floor is made specifically for a child's room and given a bit of space on the front open, like a balcony, but more extensive, especially for washing and drying clothes. Can also be built for a relaxing balcony enjoying the view at night with the cool air outside. This is so that the floor could be more widely used to gather with family or guests, while the second floor so somewhere more private.



The advantage of this minimalist house level is also found for those who love neatness. Although the bedrooms are on the bottom, you can put a barn on the top floor and provides spacious room just to play and hang out. Contrary uses mentioned earlier, sometimes children, especially those who have started a large, somewhat uncomfortable and embarrassed when playing linger in the living room that can be met by parents or other family members, but it will not fit if all the way into the bedroom children. Sometimes the minimalist also be a reference level most appropriate to have a home that can be passed on to the child later.

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