Sunday, October 11, 2015

Make the Best Minimalist Bedroom Design

Minimalist Bedroom Design , home interior design is most popular today is the minimalist interior design. The reason many home enthusiasts with a minimalist interior design is minimalist design will illustrate the widespread impression, simple yet elegant. No need to have a lot of furniture in a minimalist home design. Minimalist interior design much applicable in the living room, dining room, kitchen and especially the bedroom.

Currently, bedroom design minimalist bedroom in great demand because it will look more clean and tidy. Typically, the size of the bedroom minimalist measuring only 3 x 3 meters and it is a standard size. Room size is small, but to make it appear more spacious also not so difficult. The thing to watch is the height of the roof of the room. Design minimalist bedrooms must have a high roof so that the impression of a more spacious look.

luxury minimalist bedroom design concept of white color

minimalist bedroom design concept in black

The use of color in minimalist bedroom design also uses neutral colors, bright or soft. However, you should use white paint as it will cause widespread impression. But if you do not want to bother painting the walls, wallpaper wall can be used as a more practical and effective. Selection of wallpaper bedroom wall should also be tailored to the color of the furniture to be consistent. Motifs and patterns also should not be too crowded and the use of neutral colors so that the impression of a more spacious look. Because the bedroom design minimalist theme, the use of the furniture was not too much.

modern luxury bedroom design minimalist

modern wooden bed design minimalist bedroom

For a bedroom that has a small size, can use multifunctional furniture, such as beds, combined with a small shelf or bookcase underneath or table and chairs that can be folded. Room on the wall hangings can be affixed to the painting and avoid too many ornaments and decorations.

Lighting is also one of the important things in the bedroom design minimalist because it will determine the impression of the bedroom. Better to use the lighting is bright enough at night and during the day, be able to use the lighting from the sun. Besides giving the impression of vast, sunlight is also good for air circulation. So things are very important for the design of minimalist bedrooms. If things are done properly, then the bedroom will feel more comfortable and spacious.

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