Sunday, October 11, 2015

Minimalist Kitchen Design Tips Maximum Functionality

The kitchen is one of the most crucial places that should be in your home. The kitchen is not just a place to store and cook food ingredients but also a place where you pour your affection to the family by cooking foods that are healthy and nutritious. Therefore, even if you live in a minimalist house with very limited space, there should be provided for the kitchen cooking. A kitchen does not need to be luxurious and spacious for a small room has 2 x 3 meters you can make a minimalist kitchen . All you need to do to make the kitchen work baikl is setting a good design.

Minimalist Kitchen Settings

If you have a small kitchen that is minimalist but you want the full functionality of from the kitchen then this is what you should arrange. First make a stove and a mix of food in the same lane. Keep the stove near the window or out the air so that in the event of a gas leak would not fill the room and cause an explosion. Second, do not buy a refrigerator that is too big.




 If your family is small family then one door refrigerator 160 liters is enough for storing food for three days so you do not very often go shopping. Third, buy a basin or sink is mounted on the small space between the wall and the rest of your stove when you are cooking so that you can while doing the dishes and also facilitates you to fetch water for cooking. No need to table in the kitchen because the food that has been cooked immediately taken to the dinner table. To cook the furniture, you can ring in the wall to back or you can buy a rack attached to the wall.

Lighting and Ventilation

The lighting in the kitchen should be so ample as it will help you see if the food is ready or not. In addition, ventilation holes should be made much, much better if be formed the fan who threw the air out so the smell of cooking does not get into the house.

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