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7 Important Things in Bathroom Design Minimalist House

The bathroom is part of the room at home that often becomes a goal after the living room. The bathroom design that looks clean, elegant and beautiful will bring its own charm. To make the bathroom design as it requires careful thought about the location, the desired condition, size up the lighting. Here are the tips for you in designing a bathroom in a minimalist home.

7 Important Things in Bathroom Design Minimalist House

Important things-in-Room-Design-Bathroom-House-Minimalist
Important Things in Bathroom Design Minimalist House

The Minimalist Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design Modern Minimalist House

1. Size 
You have to make a small bathroom design for minimalist home size. Do not think that the bathroom was ugly because of the small size of many who've managed to create a minimalist bathroom in the house, but the results were extraordinarily good.

2. Select the wet floor 
Choose the design wet floor bathroom to make your bathroom more functional. In addition to more functional, wet tiled bathroom also looks more classic to minimalist sized home.

3. Layout 
Toiletries you want to put in the bathroom must already have their own place. Purchase special boxes installed in the bathroom to make it easier to organize the bathroom. The boxes are usually equipped with a soap and a toothbrush hanging hole.

4. Light 
Sunlight is essential to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom. sunlight is able to get rid of bacteria in the love growing in damp areas such as bathrooms. for that, use glass tiles to make the sun can enter your bathroom.

5. Air circulation 
To be in the bathroom does not feel stuffy, make a small vent at the top of the shower. This vent serves as a way for the passage of air in the bathroom.

6. Election of ceramic 
Opt for coarse ceramics to coat the floor of your bathroom. coarse ceramic works to protect family members not to slip.

7. Color paint 
Choose a bright paint color for bathroom design minimalist home. This meant that the effect arises spacious and clean in the shower.

That's 7 ways to design a bathroom for a minimalist home . Hope can be a reference for you all.

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