Sunday, October 11, 2015

Laying Way Mirror In Minimalist House

Laying Way Mirror In Minimalist House - Minimalist house is a house that has an area that is limited to the laying of large furniture. To give broad effect on a small house, you can put a mirror in the spaces in the house. However, the laying of the mirror in a way that is not done haphazardly. If you carelessly put down the mirror, rather than add-reaching effects on the home but instead make the house become congested.

To solve it, you need to understand the layout mirrors fit for a minimalist home. Here I will share tips on the correct placement of the mirror and the right for a minimalist home .

Laying Way Mirror In Minimalist House

1. The layout of a large mirror 
Large mirror, you can plug in various rooms in the house. You can put it on the wall of the living room, bedroom wall, in the wall of the dining room and can also be mounted on the wall of the family room. Installation of mirrors on the walls of the living room and family room will present the appearance of a room that seemed - to be large in size. Though it is just a reflection of the large mirror. Installation of large mirrors in the bedroom, precisely in the next cabinet will make your cabinets look great. It is good to give broad effect on the bedroom. For mounting the mirror on the dining table, you should put a mirror in the corner of the table so that the table looks great.

2. Small Mirror 
To save money, you can assemble your own small mirror that can be large. You can put them up to the size of the door to replace the wooden door. With the door mirrors, minimalist home you will look wider and more attractive.

3. The large mirror shaped bracket 
Formed a large mirror is perfect right-angled corner of the living room is placed. In addition to giving the effect of a minimalist home is spacious, glass like this will also add to the appeal of your home.

4. The house is equipped with a mirror furniture 
If the walls of your home can not be paired mirror, you can buy furniture that comes with a mirror. The furnishings are most often used is the cupboard. Choose a cupboard that has a mirror-plated door to get interesting accents in your room.

That's 4 ways to maximize the layout that mirrors your home look more spacious and attractive. May be useful.

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