Sunday, October 11, 2015

6 How to Design Kitchens in Minimalist House

6 How to Design Kitchens in Minimalist House - Minimalist house was deliberately created with a mini size. Due to the size of the mini is everyone who has a minimalist home must know about the arrangement, the right kind of furniture to the layout of the furniture. All components must have been drafted before minimalist house was built. However, there is one part of the room at home that is usually overlooked because it lies behind. The room is the kitchen.

Many people who have a magnificent terrace, but the kitchen is still a mess. Therefore, here I will discuss tips and how to design a kitchen in a minimalist home.

Minimalist Kitchen Design

1. Prioritizing function 
Do not devise a model first. Think about the function of the kitchen that you will wake up. Is it only for cooking or as well as to the placement of furniture such as a refrigerator.

2. Cupboard 
Cupboard is a mandatory thing that must be in the kitchen. To design a minimalist home, you should choose a design that is simple cupboard and do not contain ornaments. Such designs are usually owned by a cabinet made of glass.

3. Shelves 
As with cabinets, shelves are also a mandatory thing that should be in the kitchen. Typically, used to put a plate rack. But there is also functioning as a coaster jar spices - spices. For a minimalist home kitchen, you should choose a simple rack and silver.

4. Colors 
To add to the attractiveness of your minimalist kitchen, you must be clever - clever choose color combinations between one object to another with the right. For example, if the kitchen table is brown, you use hharus cupboard is beige or silver. By combining one color in one object to another, the kitchen will look attractive and elegant.

5. Floor 
Choose tiles with gingham - box. However, ceramic plain black or white is also nice to be your choice.

6. Glass 
Do not forget to give the glass window on your kitchen wall for air circulation remains smooth. Suggested glass window is to be opened. This is to expel the smoke that emerges from the kitchen cooking.

That's 6 ways to design a kitchen in a minimalist home. Hope can provide many benefits.

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