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Tips to Build a House Minimalist Minimal Incremental Cost / Cheap

Tips and gradually build a minimalist house with minimal cost, cheap, and not too expensive / wasteful. Today, not only in urban areas, in rural areas were already many established homes with a minimalist modern style. If a reasonable number of houses in urban minimalist. It may be due to the narrow urban land, if the building houses a magnificent, luxurious and large it will not be enough. That's because the number of minimalist house in the city. But what if in the countryside. Maybe they are different perspectives. In rural atmosphere is more fresh and cool, and not much pollution everywhere. Therefore it would be more convenient if set up in the countryside.

Well, in this article, we will give you tips on building a minimalist home. Not only that, we also provide some examples of pictures of the latest models of minimalist house in 2015. Check out the tips below.

Minimalist House Building Tips:

  • Selection of bright colors for the background space as part of the walls, ceilings, floors.
  • Choosing furniture especially sofas that have a size that is mediocre or not too high, in order to avoid obscuring the view of the impression in the room. And advised to the sofa seat part does not exceed the knee.
  • If it can be to choose a piece of furniture that is not a lot of angles, eg box coffee table, TV rack, and so on.
  • Choosing elemen2 that can make the room look bigger impression applications for example a large mirror on the wall so as to make the impression of the room becomes widespread.
  • If the room is large but feels tingfi ceiling is low (below 3.2 meters) to choose curtain with a vertical motif, so that the impression of a high ceiling. Use also the color of the bright ceiling yg tuk this case. And vice versa.
  • The use of furniture that has more functions, that can be used for other functions, so the savings.
  • The use of accessories not too excessive, because giving the home into impressed chaotic.
  • The use of natural impression like splashing water in the room can be one of the beautiful scenery and at the same time can also be a therapeutic tool to make the mind becomes calm, Accessories this kind has been sold so it is easy to get.

Tips on Building a Home Incremental A Budget / Minimal

  • Building houses a strategic location which easily passed the transportation of building materials, building houses in remote and difficult areas for elicitation structure has material will certainly build houses can lead to activities to be expensive.
  • Choosing materials as cheaply as possible but still have maximum quality, selalau compare several alternative materials that can be selected and used in every corner of the architecture of the house to get a cheap price to build a house.
  • Build at the right time can mengemat cost to build a house for example on holidays or public holidays sometimes encountered price building materials or energy prices more expensive than the normal price, it can certainly increase the budget plan of the building is devoted to building low-cost housing.
  • Plan your home design as optimal as possible for saving things that can reduce the cost of building a house like shape detail of the house, the selection of building materials, the determination of the size of the house and the like.
  • Create a complete home design working drawings before building a house, it can save time in implementing the builder thought that development activities could be faster, but it is a good working drawings are also useful to avoid the work of assembling the result of home form that has not been customized or not fitting a real home form can be changed when creating the image.
  • Choose a builder or a professional contractor skilled in the art, it can certainly save time and cost of construction of the house because it is done by human resources are truly able to realize a good home as a dream and the dream of a family.
  • Building a house with a size as small as possible but with maximum functionality such as setting the house plans are good and right and the selection of small architectural forms, but superior support in building a cheap but good homes.

Examples of Minimalist House Latest Models 2015:

modern minimalist home

design-house-minimalist-modern 1





From some of the tips above, we can know the importance of the tips gradually build a minimalist house with minimal cost on top as a guide if we want to manifest into our dream home. So first, follow our next article. We will discuss and provide examples of images of modern minimalist house design in 2015 is slick and has a high aesthetic value,

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