Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tips Minimalist House Design Type 70

The concept of a minimalist home is getting popular with the public and become a trend in the world of property. By emphasizing the concept is simple but still presents a charming appearance is one of the hallmarks of a minimalist home design. Among the types of houses, minimalist house type 70 has also become one of the idol of society. This house type is fairly wide, so that the owner can design various rooms in accordance with her wishes. What are the tips that you can consider in designing minimalist type 70?

Consult with architects

If you already intend to build the type of house 70 with minimalist concept, you should consult with an architect of your belief. Make sure the architect is already familiar with the concepts minimalist and had many works created. With this long experience, professionals can present a minimalist atmosphere comfortable and beautiful. Interior and exterior design should also be considered, so that the house looks more attractive.



Consider the exterior design

We will set up a minimalist type 70, consider the exterior design needs. How can the little land left to build a small garden at the front of the house. The goal is to support and comfort of residents as well as enhance the appearance of your favorite shelter. We recommend applying one particular paint color for the exterior of the house is dominant. Can also be given an additional two other colors to show the impression of elegant, as well as to reinforce the minimalist exterior design. In the small garden that can be given a simple decorating touches, in order to appear more viscous minimalist impression.



Design interior design appropriate

From the inside you can build a variety of rooms according to the needs, such as living room, family room, master bedroom, child's bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and other rooms. In order for the minimalist feel of the house more so, then avoid the application of the number too much furniture. Minimalist furniture is better used to support the minimalist concept applied in a minimalist home type 70. So the shelter looks more harmonious and charming.

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