Sunday, October 11, 2015

Tips for Choosing a Minimalist Home Furniture

The presence of furniture in the house is very important, because not only can be used according to its function. But also at the same time can make the room look more attractive. It is sometimes easy easy difficult in applying furniture. But actually many ways choosing minimalist furniture can be applied. What are the tips that can be applied to the arrangement of furniture looks beautiful, neat and functional?

Place the furniture according to the theme of the house

Furniture should match the theme of the home design. For example, the house was designed with the concept of minimalism, the furniture must also have applied the concept of minimalism. So that seemed to blend with the home furniture, harmonious, comfortable and pleasing to the eye.


Match furniture with room conditions

For example, you apply the wood material dwelling on the side of the wall, then you should reduce the pay of various furniture made from ceramic. Another option is to use furniture with glass material or the various types of furniture made of wood materials. Transparent screen made of glass can also be applied to a specific room. For homes with a minimalist design is certainly very suitable when applying minimalist home furniture.


The size of the furniture

The size of the furniture is very dependent on the availability of the room. Because the selection of furniture size depends on the condition of the room. Minimalist rooms with limited space, certainly more appropriate to apply a moderate sized furniture. Placing oversized furniture will only make the room feel cramped and uncomfortable.


Color selection of furniture

Color combination of furniture and interior decoration should be combined, in order to create a comfortable and beautiful shades. Better to avoid the application of low-contrast color on the furniture, as it will only make the atmosphere of the room became uncomfortable and unsightly.


Pay attention to the room rate

Should choose furniture that is needed in the room. Such as by putting a comfortable sofa in the living room. It is very suitable, thus supporting time relaxing or hanging out with family and other loved ones.

Provide adequate budget

Availability budget will help you to realize a desired home furniture minimalist. Always prioritize the quality of the product rather than just drool at low prices alone.

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