Sunday, October 11, 2015

Simple Minimalist House Picks the Best Family Home

The house became one of the most important thing in a family, as well as a simple minimalist home. The house is liveable would make the family members who live in it will feel comfortable in the house. However, many models of houses offered home contractors often make the head of the family confused to choose which model is in accordance with the wishes of his family members. Given the funds available and the land that could be used to build a house is not so great. One model home that can be a solution to problems of this sort is a simple minimalist home.

Simple minimalist home provides convenience to you to arrange the furniture that you will put in the house. Of course, because the design is carried is a minimalist, then you need to pay attention to the furniture that you use to fill a room in the house. Try to choose furniture that is smaller, because eventually, you will be easier to set it in simple minimalist home.



Simple minimalist home usually consists of 1 living room, 1 family room, 2 bedrooms and 1 toilet. Therefore, homeowners with these models must be smart to arrange the furniture layout and colors used. Selection of color on the walls of the living room can be selected such that the bright colors so that the room seem more spacious, like the color white. Meanwhile, to provide comfort to the guests, you can choose the color of the sofa with matching or contrasting shades, causing great.



Similarly to the living room. In order for you and your family more comfortable when hanging out with family, you can give the impression of a gradation in the room with the wall color blends with the furniture or accessories are placed in runag family. For example, by giving the color of the walls of the room with light brown or orange color that gives the impression of a warm and cheerful. As for the sofa to choose neutral colors. As for the carpet, you can choose a plaid or other motives that room seem more alive.

While in the bedroom space can be given white or cream in order to make the room look spacious and clean. As a complement to the bedroom on the simple minimalist home, you can add a table lamp beside your bed and put the cabinets and bookshelves that can be hung on the wall of your room.

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