Sunday, October 11, 2015

Simple Home Interior Decorating Tips

Having your own home is an honor, especially if you buy it with his own money. Although it must be by installments decades, a simple home stays more privileges than a rented apartment or rented house. Therefore, it could not hurt you to decorate the interior of the house is simple you that tiny house became a minimalist and beautiful, nice, and comfortable place to live. Remember, comfort is the main thing you have to make so that you are welcome to stay in it. In addition, good decor will make guests feel at home visiting and do not vilify your house after the home from your home.



To decorate the interior simple home you required is not much because it must adjust to the existing space. Should avoid excessive motive that actually make your home seem more narrow and full. For color selection, you should also choose a color from start to paint the walls commensurate to the other interior colors.

The floor-Wooden-Interior-Minimalist-House-Simple


For the living room interior minimalist home, you should make the theme of the most liked by all family members. For example, you select a crisp green theme then add some small flower pots green and has flowers that are not too large as conditioning. For furniture, you should select a course of wood that seem more 'cool' but elegant than rigid metal impressed. Chairs, tables, shelves must be so arranged as to meet the space effectively.



Do not forget also the decoration for the living room. In addition to the elements that you enter into the living room, the family room you can add personal items such as family members family photos, paintings, or craft your child. Tembahkan some lights in some buddy outdoors to the interior of the house is simple and special displays an elegant impression.



If you want fast, you can seal the room walls with wallpaper that can be replaced every few months, so that the atmosphere of the interior simple home you always change every time. Mix well with the curtains or some small Aquarium so that the house looks more beautiful and natural impressed.

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