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Selecting Models Minimalist House Terrace

Minimalist home may be the trend of today's home and a dream of a family, not because of how the design is usually a narrow terrace can we change it to look spacious with the concept of a minimalist home. The rise of residential homes from the developers and designers at the homeland could not be separated from the concept, of course, this step was taken due to the fact that more and more demand for low prices and affordable housing without having to override the design of the housing itself. The model home is convenient not having to spend our bags run out, by adopting the concept of minimalist sound in every part of the house is able to create a comfortable home. Call it a minimalist terrace house , designed a model of minimalist terrace house is not easy especially when the type of house that is now more diverse. see also Terrace Image Collection Newest 2015
Minimalist terrace house becomes important when building a minimalist home because apart from having to pay attention to the building area available also to be adjusted to the needs, in the concept of home design minimalist terrace will be functioned as a passive recipient of a minimalist. Terrace house can also function as a living room and a secondary family room, the reason is when people / friends / friends and even colleagues who may want to visit your home then under certain conditions (eg the main living bird is full) then this minimalist terrace house which would we use as a room for receiving guests. The philosophy of the porch is a versatile space seems to have long been in the adoption, if we remember the moment home design grandma / grandpa who use the concept of a classic home in front of every house there must be a minimum of 2 chairs and one table to just sit and receive guests.
Back to the review model of minimalist terrace house, as above we extend the functionality of terrace house following we present some examples of terrace house minimalist models for various types of reference can be made ​​for those who want to build or are designing your dream home.
In the classical model of minimalist terrace house is seen is not too broad because it carries the concept of minimalist design, but there is a touch of classic furniture and accessories such as 1 set of white chairs and tables in the center of the patio. On the front side wall of the house there is one classic lights to impress the classical thick, with accessories hanging flower pots and flowers on the door surrounds will add dual functions as a complement classi impression and also when during the day will be more beautiful. Convenience you may be more pronounced when the right side of the terrace houses built mini garden, mini garden Indonesia not beautiful but with a selection of minimalist garden flowers are small and lightweight classic minimalist terrace house makes you feel very comfortable.
Disadvantages terrace house minimalist model of this classic type is if the location of your home in a low, park and easy-flow floor will overflow rain water around the house, also if you have small children to take extra careful because small children are very fond of flowers that they can be picking and ruin your small garden

Classic Minimalist House Terrace

For a concept model of a simple minimalist terrace at this picture tends European-style terrace with an area very narrow, with a blend of brown / black on the symmetrical glass and doors in sync with the color of the floor. Placement of two seats at the end of the main door of the house functioned for 2 guests only, but there are a few more seats in the front gate of the home page is very suitable for those of you who have a small family to be able to play your kids. On the front side of the door there is a minimalist garden in pots gives the impression of simple and neat, choice of ornamental plants neatly arranged so that the impression of the courtyard and the terrace is very solid. read also Create Green Terrace House Minimalist

Simple Minimalist House Terrace

The model is a more modern minimalist terrace with an area of ​​approximately 3 x 3 square meters in floor enough to accommodate several people, adopt secondary space miniamlis terrace modern family is pinning two lights on the front of each pole. The choice of colors on a dark black on the pole is very in tune with the overall home design in white domination and black, while the wooden ornaments and furniture using the original color of the wood itself. Interesting if we look at the picture of this minimalist terrace as the terrace on the right side there is a car garage, but farther down, connected by an iron staircase to the second space garage and porch.

Examples Of Minimalist House Terrace

Minimalist terrace house as we review both the color above is not directly have the same pattern, means of three models of the porch to the minimalist equally pick the function to decorate the house and also as an alternative living room of the house. With the concepts minimalist terrace each having an equality that we can take the conclusion of the three terraces that are ideal minimalist house should have at least two seats. It aims to anticipate when guests come, but the main living room was full of guests you are the last 2 seats can be used as additional living space. Other tips to design terrace house is an ideal place was small and decorative lighting minimalist home park on one side of the patio to get an impression of comfortable and beautiful when you are on the porch of your own home and of course comfort is what makes your house into a dream minimalist home. do not forget to read also Tips to Make Minimalist House Terrace

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