Sunday, October 11, 2015

Reforming the House Minimalist Interior

Minimalist interior becomes one of the strongest elements in creating a minimalist design idea at the residential home. Why minimalist interior of the house is referred to as the strongest element in home design minimalist? this is because most people assume that furniture, decorations, and other interior elements will determine the 'quality' and 'quantity' for a minimalist design capacity.

When in fact it is not just the interior that influence the appearance of a residential home that is referred to as residential house minimalist style, but there are other important elements such as the main design of the building, exterior, colors, lighting, and layout. The combination of these elements will create harmony seen in the overall look of the house.

Minimalist interior layout

Talking about home interior minimalist, often associated with the arrangement / layout must be appropriate, especially for a minimalist home that has rooms that are quite narrow. Well, to cut a narrow impression on your home, there are some special interior design for narrow space that you can try to be practiced. One of them is to make two rooms into one fungus. For example, the kitchen can be combined with the dining room. Likewise, the family room that can be integrated with the living room.

Beautiful Minimalist House Interior With Wooden Flooring

Then other tips about selecting which furniture and decoration. Choose furniture that is sleek design and small size. Criteria furniture can create the impression of the room was cramped. As for hiasanya, it is recommended to install a decorative mirror can also create the impression of the room.

The idea of multi-functional space for minimalist interior

Tips arranging the room next to the room multifunctional forward idea. The idea of ​​multi-functional room here implies that the furnishings you place in the room is not only required to support a particular function, but also can fulfill other functions.

for example, the bar in the kitchen but can serve as a table for dispensing food and other kitchen activities can also be used as a dining table, workspace temporary, temporary spaces, and can even be used as a decent place to entertain guests. The origin is maintained cleanliness and neatness. Hopefully some of these tips useful for those who want to have a minimalist home .

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