Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pole Terrace Houses Minimalist Style

The house is not just a shelter. It is highly felt by some of us who prefer activities in the home compared to outdoors. In fact, not infrequently forms and types of homes also varied. There are people who love the minimalist modern style house is also there that love the classic style. The option to choose a house style as what it depends on your taste. For example, a minimalist style house which has a narrow and small patio.

Homeowners will utilize the existing land to enhance your home by creating a cozy terrace house. Terrace for us who have a minimalist style house will require us to design in such a way. For example, by placing the pillars. In general, poles or pillars to support the functions of the building that remains sturdy stand. But there are some things that must be in view in selecting a pillar or pole terrace house which is good.

Pillar Design Modern minimalist terrace

Pole-terrace-design-house-Classical Model
Design Classics Model Pole Terrace Houses

Pole Terrace Houses For minimalist

Pole Terrace House Style Natural Stone

Choosing a Good Pillar

Choosing a good pillar when the pillar meets some standards among which

1. Durability Pillar Terrace

Durability pillar depends on the materials used. If you want to choose the type of teak wood to make it more robust and durable. But if preferred types of materials such as rocks. You can choose the material of concrete or marble materials. Besides cooler if you are in the house. The house was also more expensive visible when viewed.

2. Pillar Design

If you prefer the classic style of design can be in the form of carvings of kayu.Tapi minimalist style if you can mendesai its rectangular shape without carving. Give a touch of matching color with the wall, it will look attractive.

3. The material in use

Materials used in a more minimalist style house type using materials such as cement. But if you get bored you can choose to use materials such as stone and iron. Provided that the unique design and in accordance with his or her home will surely look more beautiful.

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