Sunday, October 11, 2015

Organize Minimalist Living Room To Room Limited

Having a private home is a dream of almost everyone, especially for those who already have a small family. And one type of house most coveted by the public is a modern minimalist house. although minimalist house identical to the room that has a width that is limited but it is certainly not reduce your creations to be able to create a minimalist living room is charming, comfortable, and became one of the family favorites.

Minimalist Living Room Dual Function

Generally, the living room in a minimalist house has a dual (two) functions as a place to receive guests as well as a place the whole family get together to watch TV or catch up on the daily activities of their own. Therefore for those who have plans to organize your minimalist living room or do a make over (renovation) of the living room during the time you have then there are some things that you need to ceramic, namely:

- Choose furniture that is important only

- Items that do not have a clear function should be moved elsewhere

- Arrange the living room with a more modest, but still appear modern and elegant side.

- Combine two different colors, you should choose soft colors on one side and the color is quite striking on the one hand, such as white and brown, or orange with cream pastel colors.





- When you put a TV or other electronic equipment choose the size or dimensions are not too big and spends too much space (room).

- If the color of your sofa or chair a color like purple, brown, red, or black color should your walls a bright color to make it seem wider

- If you are a person who likes to read, you can add a bookshelf beside the couch. Bookshelves can add educational value to your living room.

Provide Interesting Impression On Your Minimalist Living Room

In addition to some of the above you need to consider when arranging minimalist living room is a mix of paint colors and the choice of a chair or sofa. If you want to play with the color of the walls sebainya choose between the two colors blend pastels with strong colors or flashy, and if you prefer a clean white wall color that seemed wide, then you can choose a brightly colored sofa like purple, red, brown , or black.

If you have more funds it would be good to give a touch of color and motif wallpaper matching the color of the window frame or your living room couch, so although minimalist house has a width that is limited, but if in order to creatively coupled with a touch of the impression of spacious and attractive You can enjoy your home.

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