Sunday, October 11, 2015

Motif Floor Minimalist

On this occasion we of Minimalist House will give you some tips on how to choose a floor tile motif minimalist good and beautiful for your minimalist house. In making a home, you must pay attention to every detail that was in the house, starting from the interior to the exterior of houses located in tersbeut home you should consider your home correctly so impressed so beautiful, neat, and comfortable. In addition to considering the property and owned by the paint color of your home, you also need to pay attention to the ceramic motifs that were in the house. you also have to design tile motifs so that your minimalist house looks so nice and beautiful.
You need to ketahaui there are some things you should consider in choosing a motif floor tiles that are in your house, and you also have to pay attention to the color of ceramics as well as you must also consider ceramic motifs that are in your home. Because, for every room in your home has its own pottery motifs. To make any room in your home looks so nice and beautiful, you should choose the appropriate ceramic motif to beautify the appearance of the room that is inside your home. To select a good tile motif, you can see tips on how to choose a minimalist floor tile pattern that looks more beautiful and more tidy.
Motif Ceramic Floor Bathroom
To make your bathroom look nice and beautiful, you have to design a tile pattern on the bathroom of your home in order to look better and more beautiful. For bathroom tiles, you can use brightly colored ceramics such as blue and white colors. For your own pottery motifs you can choose ceramic motif boxes or you can also choose floral motifs on a ceramic bathroom of your home.

Sample Image Motif Ceramic Bathroom

Motif Ceramic Floor Living Room
For those of you who want to make your living room look so beautiful and comfortable, you can use the concepts minimalist ceramic floors in your living room. For ceramic motifs minimais in your living room, you should use a ceramic that has a bright color and the tile in the picture there are several motives to beautify your living room. You can apply a floral motif on the floor of your living room so that the living room is your home look more natural and more comfortable.

Motif Ceramic Floor Living Room

Motif Ceramic Floor Bedroom
For your bedroom, you should use plain and large-sized ceramic so your bedroom looks nice and elegant. For a child's room, you can apply the ceramic motifs that have pictures of animals or cartoon characters that your children feel at home in her own room. For the bedroom, arranged for not using black tiles, as it will give a dull and dark atmosphere of the bedrooms are in your house.
Sample Image Motif Floor Bedroom

Motif Floor Bedroom

Motif Floor Bedroom Minimalist

That minimalist motif floor can I sampiakan to you all. Just a suggestion from me, to make room in your home look nicer and more beautiful, use a ceramic motif corresponding to the room that was in your house, and give different ceramic motifs in each room that is inside your home. Inforamsi so that I can present to you all of the tips on how to choose a minimalist floor tile motif . Hopefully inforamsi I give to you can be useful and can help you to choose the ceramic motifs suitable for any room in your home.

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