Sunday, October 11, 2015

Model Type 36 Minimalist Design House Latest

Type 36 Minimalist House - Minimalist house is a model home that is pretty much in demand today. If we walk in the complex or urban areas, we will meet a lot of minimalist home. Type minimalist home is the best choice, because it is not in its development does not require large tracts of land and also the cost for the construction was relatively small. therefore Type minimalist house with a lot of elected people who want, builds houses.

Minimalist house itself has several types, among others, 36, 45, 54, 60, 70, 80 and 100, one of the type currently being built by property developers and urban communities is minimalist type 36 . house with this type is suitable for you that do not have large land. With a land area of ​​6 x 12 square meters, with a house of this type could have been built. The house type is suitable for those who have little family member.



The room in the house minimalist type 36 there are only a few main room, such as living room, family room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. Each room also does not have a wide enough size. Therefore, for you who want to build a minimalist house type 36 harulah take that into account in terms of room advance what is needed, and the placement of items. Due to the rather small size, the type is not suitable for those who have a lot of stuff.



Simplicity must be identical to the simple atmosphere. On the front side of the house, you can apply some order to a small terrace. The size of a small porch does not mean you leave it alone, because it is small does not mean ttidak can dimanfaatkana. Mualilah decorate the porch by placing decorative flower pot, quite a few are not too much. Or you can utilize the land on the page for menanan one tree. However, the good menanan tree species can not grow up, at least 2 meters. Because if the front of the house minimalist type 36 which is small enough to have a lot of plants, the beauty of the house will be covered by the plant.

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