Sunday, October 11, 2015

Minimalist Wardrobe Design

Wardrobe Minimalist - minimalist house was always furnished multifunctional and simple. Usually, people who have a minimalist home will make the furniture combined with other functions. Well, in this article, we will give some minimalist wardrobe design for room decoration in your minimalist home.

8 Minimalist Design Wardrobe Doors

To narrow rooms, the furnishings are not suitable for decorating your room or space. You should choose furniture that is multifunctional as 8 minimalist wardrobe door. Specially designed wardrobe by applying 8 door opener has a small space. By having these cabinets, you can insert your clothes. You can also enter your books in this closet.

Minimalist Wardrobe Design With Room For Children's Bookshelf. This minimalist wardrobe design is perfect for your child's room. Combined wardrobe and bookcase is very unique. For example, you can create a design on the side of the bookcase Desai minimalist wardrobe for children. Make it with a cheerful color combination. To make it more attractive cabinets, mirror on the closet door design makes it complete.

Minimalist Wardrobe Design

Minimalist Wardrobe Design

Minimalist Wardrobe Design Image

Pictures of Modern Minimalist Design Wardrobe

Minimalist Wardrobe Design And Entertainment Set

This design is suitable for you who love to relax in the room of your house minmalis. By making two minimalist wardrobe that comes with the set entertainmet space adjoining a combination cabinets for minimalist design of your room or house. You can put a television set along with a dvd player or playstation in the closet. In the entertainment section of the set, you can create a drawer that is equipped with a glass door design.

Drawer Wardrobe Minimalist design. Design minimalist wardrobe drawer is suitable for your bathroom. The design is inspired by the design of the drawer that has a wide space suitable for storing clothes that you have to fold neatly. Make a design chest of drawers bears 8. With the longitudinal design, you can decorate it by putting a set of entertainment or decoration for your room.

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