Sunday, October 11, 2015

Minimalist House Floor Plan 2 Newest

Minimalist 2 floors house is now much loved by the family of Indonesia. Besides looks more luxurious, minimalist house 2 floor also has several advantages over the first minimalist house floor. Not only seems to be a more attractive, minimalist house 2 floors to minimize the existing land. Also can add several rooms that can be applied on the 1st floor and 2nd floor so the floor With 2 has more functionality. After the construction of the house is finished, the first thing that is important to consider and note is a 2 storey house plans minimalist . Because, before we occupy the house, the first time we are doing is to set the layout of the room.

Minimalist 2 floors house has some type. We just take the example of the simplest and most luxurious home is minimalist type 45 and type 100. We begin with the most simple. Minimalist house type 45 is a 2 storey residential house that does not require a budget that much. Suitable for those who have a little budget.


Minimalist house plan type 45 there are only 3 rooms, 1 master suite on the 1st floor and 2 children's rooms on the floor 2. Due to its small size, sebaikany in the family room and dining room were given bulkhead cupboard. That would eliminate the narrow sense. In addition, lighting should also be considered, try to provide plenty of windows to provide lighting, especially for the living room that is less lighting. In addition, the windows also can cool the house because the wind can get into the house. So, the little house you will still feel cool and not stuffy.


Example 2 in the sketch to the 2 floor is a minimalist house type 100. It is far from simplicity, minimalist house type 100 because this requires no small cost to build it. In this 100-type housing you can increase the amount of space with a size larger. You can also add some additional room such as a special room of worship, a special fitness room, swimming pool and others. In structuring this large house, usually not too troubled by the bulkhead. But there are some homes that do not have insulation so it looks very wide.

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