Sunday, October 11, 2015

Minimalist House Design Option Color Top

Minimalist house is a place where saving a lot of memories with the family. Nice home will certainly add much more of your memories with the family. Beautify the home as well as beautify your days, because your days will be passed at home with family. One way is to beautify the house staining. Bak woman who looked very pretty after using makeup, as well as the house.

The house will look beautiful when painted beautiful. This time I will discuss the kind of home that is currently very popular with the modern family, the minimalist home. Minimalist home is a model home that is simple but still visible, especially if you are very clever blending colors on the walls. But for those of you who are still confused about what color is right for a minimalist home. Well, I will give a review about the choice of color minimalist home for you.


Selection of paint colors on the walls there are several kinds of color blend, depending on how your taste. The first thing to note is cooptation color of the exterior of the house. In this section you can choose your own theme, for example, you want to create a cheerful atmosphere, cool, elegant, natural and others. To create a cheerful atmosphere you can choose bright colors such as purple, orange, pink and others.


Well for those of you who want to create a cool atmosphere, elegant natural you can apply neutral colors like white, beige, or gray. Never use dark colors because that would leave only a narrow impression on your home. Color choices for the natural impression of minimalist house, you can combine beige and white. Well, for that you can combine elegant white and gray. That way you will terlihan minimalist home very nicely with the right color choice.

For color choices inside or minimalist home interior, you can customize the exterior paint. However, in this case you do not have to use the same color as the exterior. The inside of a minimalist home, you can apply a lot of color, only to be matching. For example, yellow and orange, purple, violet and yellow, blue and orange.

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