Sunday, October 11, 2015

Minimalist House 2 Floor Plan Type 45 and Type 100

Minimalist 2 floors house might be worth to pair with my terms palace. This term is often expressed by some people because of the love of the home as the place to stay and a place to rest after a day of activity outside the home. Therefore, everyone is vying to design their house in a way that the house be comfortable and pleasant place to live.

Model minimalist house is one of the most popular models in recent years. Moreover, in the 2014's. Minimalist house design chosen because of the limited vacant land in several regions in Indonesia. Another alternative is selected to build a two-story house. By applying the minimalist design of the two-storey house, be a minimalist house 2 floors.



Just like other minimalist house, furniture in it is also a relatively small-sized furniture. Additionally, minimalist house also seem more neat, clean and pleasing to the eye. Advantages of building a 2-story minimalist house was the home will look more attractive and to minimize land use. In addition, the second floor is a minimalist house with open space and ventilation are designed wider at the top of the room, the air circulation inside the house is also getting better.



There are several types of 2-storey minimalist house plans. Among them are the type 45 and type 100. Type 45 consists of three rooms, the first room on the main floor rooms 1 and 2 children on the floor 2. It is suitable for us who have small family. Because in addition to the shape which tend to be small, the type 45 also need not cost a lot. To the kitchen and family room can be separated by using a barrier such as a closet or curtain. Because the shape is a little bit small, as a regulator of the lighting during the day so that the house does not seem dark, we can add a lot of windows on each floor and the room is minimalist two-story house.

Type 2 storey minimalist house next is type 100. This house type different from the type 45. This type is much more costly and have a much larger area. We can add a place of worship, a gym, swimming pool and so on.

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