Sunday, October 11, 2015

Minimalist Home Interior Design Tips

The solution for those living in urban areas is a minimalist home. Houses with this design seemed to answer the challenges of the times will hunianyang convenient but has its own aesthetic level. With a limited area, plus the cost of the property that the longer the ride, the house with a minimalist design can be a solution for those who need a beautiful dwelling at an affordable price. Do not stop there, the realization of a house with a minimalist interior is simple enough. The following tips.

Important Themes and Colors

For the interior of the house with a minimalist design, you must know what theme you want to lift. This theme is important so that later the wall color, decoration, and furniture will not clash with each other. Remember, because of the narrow space conditions, you will not be able to use a lot of furniture. Not to mention if the color of the walls and furniture clashing types, it is not impossible space instead will be look more narrow.



The dining-room-furniture-house-Minimalist


To that end, understand the theme or feel of what you want to present in the room, whether relating to the nature or modern. Take the safe course for example, you can use the colors bright but soft colors such as pastels or white. The color will make the room look brighter and freely. Avoid dark colors like brown or dark red.

Choose The Right Furniture

In addition to the selection of colors and themes, another thing to note is the problem of furniture. It's good you do not use furniture that has a large size such as a sofa. Select only the foamy seat that will not take up too much space. Adjust the color and pattern of the chair with the color of the room that will not be seen clashing. Suitability and simplicity are the two things you want are always characterized by a minimalist home design.

Last but not least is the issue of lighting. Make sure you are getting enough space lighting (both natural light or lighting). Lighting is important for the room look more spacious and not cramped. Easy is not it? Apply design minimalist interior if you have an area of limited space.

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