Sunday, October 11, 2015

Minimalist Home Garden for Home Minimalist

Minimalist home is usually equipped with a garden at the front. It would be a pity if the park is not well managed so as to detract from the beauty of the house. Park minimalist home can be one of the minimalist concept for homeowners to relax at the same place off fatigue from the many activities. However, how a good garden?

Tips to Make Minimalist House Park

There are a few things to make the bullet diperhatika for a minimalist home garden. These tips are not an absolute must, but it can be taken into consideration. Here are some tips.

First, planting bonsai trees to give the impression of shade for the minimalist home. Second, the growing green grass, such as Japanese grass or bulrush, to give the impression of green. Third, planting colorful flowers to give a beautiful impression with the appropriate placement. Fourth, small rocks vary degan garden to add beauty and natural feel.

The most important part of the manufacture of a minimalist home garden for planting trees is not great. This will make the house Gated dim with greater risk, such as fallen trees. Trees BESA also potentially shut your small house of people's eyesight.

Simple Design Minimalist Home Garden
Minimalist Home Garden

Minimalist house will be fenced should dipasangan guardrail. This fence serves as a line for your home. The fence will enhance the condition of parks that adorn the house.

To give the impression of a more beautiful, use paving around the park. We recommend creating a minimalist garden with konseo well. Put paving and governance well to get a wonderful impression. Paving the appropriate color is gray because it will membei minimalist impression.

Your garden will look more beautiful if there are artificial waterfalls that make it up. The waterfall is not necessary with a large size because konspe minimalist house and garden. there are many waterfall design that you can use with a combination of beautiful rocks. Its placement in the garden is not overgrown garden plants that appeared impression that is not too empty. The waterfall can refresh the mind that are frantic when enjoyed by the owner of the house.

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