Sunday, October 11, 2015

Minimalist Design House 2nd Floor, Minimalist Design House Conserve Land

Minimalist house design 2 storey , Owning a home is the primary requirement for a person. By owning a home, we do not need to pay for rent or hire ngekos. Well now is the rental price of land and housing is very skyrocketed. Especially if you want a strategic land and in the street, surely the price will be very much different from the land that is slightly to the inside. Land in urban and rural areas also experienced significant price difference.

When you already have the land, will greatly assist in the realization of your dream home. Today was his day minimalist house , where the house does not need large area, but the spots in it is very comfortable to live in because it is quite extensive. You no longer need to spend money to increase the area of ​​your land.



Minimalist home 
You noticed in every housing complex are now using the concept of a minimalist home. They prefer to use a minimalist house design 2 storey shophouses and residential to build their business in order. A house with 2 floors, you have no need to increase the area of ​​land, besides a house with a minimalist design two floors will give the impression of a modern and classy.



There is a positive side to the other you have a minimalist home, that is when you have enough land, you do not need to spend all of the land for the house. You can use the rest of enough land to plant a variety of trees to help our earth to produce oxygen.



2 floor minimalist house design allows you to use part of the remaining land to grow crops for example, or perhaps for reforestation activities, or can be used for planting fruit trees that will be useful for you and your family by eating the fruit from your own garden and is almost guaranteed to health.



Imagine if you had to spend all the land to build a house, a lot of spots that might not work and does not provide benefits for you and your family and the people around your house. Well wait no more, soon may seek to have a minimalist home design 2 floors.

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