Sunday, October 11, 2015

Minimalist Design House 2 Floor Type 45

2 floor minimalist house design type 45 classified For those who are upper middle class or a young couple just married, have a 2-storey minimalist house into a dream thing. Moreover, if the minimalist design of our own as we want so that we feel more comfortable dwelling.

At this time our article, we will review thoroughly the minimalist house design with minimalist house with a type 45. The type 45 generally does not require a vast land, what else purse. Because of the smaller type, the less well the budget that we spend to make it happen.

To design minimalist house with two floors what type 45 need proper design, let alone dika seen from the function. Each room has a different function. And if viewed in terms of health, the need for sufficient air circulation for the exchange of oxygen to the air in the house is always fresh and cool.

And we will give you a reference to some examples of minimalist house design drawings with two floors and a type 45. Check out the pictures below.


desain home




So first of our article about the design of minimalist house with two floors and a type 45. Hopefully useful.

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