Sunday, October 11, 2015

Interior Design Tips Home Minimalist Living Room

The living room becomes one of the important parts that you should look at the house with a minimalist model. Currently most minimalist house with a type 36 and type 45, and therefore most of the expense of the interior living room purposes sake of another room. Of course it is not a mistake, because when taken into account with other rooms such as living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom is obliged to take precedence because of the frequency of use is more frequent.

Yet you still have access in order to receive the guest, it is better it should also be considered because it is not complete if a house though minimalist but has no living room. One that might apply is a model that is modeled like a patio home living room.


Here are some tips on interior design living room:

Delimiter / Divider
For those of you who have a minimalist house size and not too big, then you should not use the wall separating the living room to the living room which is usually used as a family room. The goal that is not memorable home stuffy and cramped. To get around this you can use a variety of divider eg TV cabinets and curtains, or other separators.
If you use a curtain, you also have other advantages. For example, when there is a family event that can not be accommodated in the living room, you can also open the curtains and make the room more spacious because it is incorporated with the living room.


For the living room size is not too large, you should minimize the presence of non-functional furniture. Suppose minimalist seats for 2-3 guests and a seat for the host, and a small table can also be a wise solution. You also can use the carpet instead of a chair, it will seem more spacious.


No less important, too, that the color selection is also better use of bright colors that seem friendly to guests who visit.


Thus some design tips living room interior minimalist home that we have presented in your living room get around because of the lack of available space. So the house was quite small, but still feels comfortable with the arrangement wisely arranged interior. Hopefully useful and thank you.

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