Sunday, October 11, 2015

How to Select Cat For minimalist

In terms of house paint, minimalist home is actually almost the same as a normal house. However, in the selection of minimalist house paint, should be required accuracy so that the house still looks modern and spacious despite having narrow spaces. In choosing paint is also good to choose a paint that is durable and should not cost too much spent.

Cost of Painting

The cost of painting a minimalist house paint should be planned so that it is not too much to fit with the concept, which is minimalist. Choose paint with medium quality only to the inside of the house. While the paint for the exterior, you should select a waterproof and durable so you will not spend a lot of money to repaint the exterior of the house each year. You can paint it tailored to the theme of your home.

How to Select Cat For minimalist

Choosing Paint For minimalist

Cat For minimalist

For minimalist Modern Cat

Choosing Interior Paint

Here are some ways to choose paint for a minimalist home. For the inside of the house, you can choose bright colors for example lime green, yellow, red, etc. The important thing is how you combine them so that still look attractive. For example, for living room, you can use a bright green color with beige sofa combined. You can also use yellow color for your living room. Use a beige sofa, and add the carpet so that the color is not too conspicuous. You can also combine it with white paint so the walls of your living room is not too flashy.

For the family room, you can use a red wall paint color combined with gray color on the carpet for example. You can also use the color blue wall paint and mix with black decoration and furniture. You can also use the color pink combined with white and some red and brown decorations that still look great. Or just use white color to paint the walls of your living room and mix with milk chocolate colored carpet and a few decorations in green and yellow.

Minimalist house paint does require contrasting colors that can be combined with interesting. Be smart to use it and do not push so that the room remains pleasing to the eye.

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