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How to Design Stairs Minimalist House

Stairs Minimalist House - The house stands on a narrow land often have a shortage of places to store things - certain goods. Finally, a number of considerations they built terraced house minimalist kind. The house is made minimalist design tiered staircase should have the right to prevent something undesirable. To that end, here I will discuss about how to make the stair design minimalist home.

How to Design Stairs Minimalist House

Minimalist House Design Stairs

Modern Minimalist House Design Stairs

Image Design Stairs Minimalist House

Select materials stairs 
Generally, our society uses ceramic coated cement for the manufacture of stairs. However, it is mmemerlukan place a lot. For that, you should choose a staircase made of iron are positioned in a circle. By doing so, you will be able to save a place at the same time can enhance the appearance of your home.

The shape of the stairs 
The shape of the stairs for a minimalist home is divided into 3 zig - zag, circular and vertical. The stairs zig - zag ladder is the type most often encountered in the design - minimalist design house in Indonesia. Bahannyapun can vary from wood to cement. As for the shape of a vertical circular staircase and very rarely used because it is consuming a lot of places.

Ceramic type 
If you use cement for the manufacture of stairs, the selection of the correct tile is important. Choose a textured ceramic. That is not too rough and not too smooth too. If it is too smooth, it is feared that people will slip through.

Color ladder 
If you use a ladder made of iron, you can do the painting black color combined with gold colored paint. Whereas if you choose to use cement and ceramics, you should choose a bright color but classic look. Examples are light blue, pink, light green and others - others. It also matched the emotion Arna wall at home.

Ornament on the wall near the stairs 
If you use a vertical ladder, it helps you put pictures - the photo on the wall that is passed when climbing stairs. In addition to a decorative, display it also will give the effect of a unique and interesting

That's 5 ways to design a minimalist home staircase. Hope can provide many benefits.

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