Sunday, October 11, 2015

Criteria Model Minimalist Wardrobe

Minimalist house seems currently to be excellent in the modern society. To support the display of minimalist design, a home occupancy mininalis certainly comes with minimalist design furniture as well. Among the many types of furniture for a minimalist home, there is one type of furniture that also should not be overlooked for the design note, the wardrobe. The wardrobe has a primary function as a clothes storage. Model wardrobe pretty much.

But there is one model of the most common wardrobe, namely wardrobe with cupboard space models of two types: one room for folded clothes storage space and a special closet for clothes hanging storage. Additional functions of a closet is as a repository of valuable objects. Because of its function as a place of personal objects, the most suitable place for the placement of a closet is a bedroom.

Luxury Minimalist Wardrobe Model of Glass

Wardrobe Minimalist Japanese Style

Twins Classic Minimalist Wardrobe

Cerak Color Minimalist Wardrobe With Doors Gesar

Wardrobe Minimalist modern design

Minimalist Wardrobe 3 Door

Modern Minimalist Wardrobe For Bedroom Luxury

Versatile Minimalist Wardrobe For Work Space

Color minimalist wardrobe for minimalist room

Wardrobe with minimalist design is certainly very suitable to be placed in the bedroom with a minimalist design concept as well. To determine whether your choice is a wardrobe closet minimalist design or not, there are several criteria you should consider. The first criterion is the color. One of the criteria for minimalist furniture color is bright bold color or neutral color can also be tough. Actually it does not matter what color would you choose for a wardrobe, the most important is the element of 'firm' that you can see from the color. If your preferred color is a soft color, soft color is also to be firm.

Design minimalist wardrobe

Other criteria that design. The minimalist design is identical to the elements of a firm and clear lines. But that does not mean your wardrobe should choose is a wardrobe with the model lines. Daro design intent 'lines' that the firm is in a closet minimalist design gives firm and clear boundaries. This limit can be a clear line design decoration. Then the design is carried also need a simple and minimalist design. If anything garnish, just a little, and ornaments are still 'smell' minimalist. The design and color are the main criteria for a minimalist wardrobe .

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