Sunday, October 11, 2015

Creating Minimalist House Design Terrace

Terrace Design Minimalist House , minimalist house is known for its properties that is building a tiny, narrow ground that the building was constructed sometime mepet by road or rail. But it does not necessarily prevent you from getting the comfort of staying in it. Precisely with a narrow space or space that you were inspired to creatively utilize existing space in order to create suasa yamanan and beauty so that all family members are welcome to stay.

One part of the house that must be considered is the terrace. You have to make design minimalist terrace house suitable that your home looks beautiful from the outside and feels comfortable on the inside. Even more important is the face of a terrace house so that people who see the terrace you will immediately be able to provide an assessment of your home as a whole.



To make the design minimalist terrace house is very easy because all you have decorating space is also limited, and certainly will not spend too much money. First, use a smart game paint color. Paint the porch with white too mainstream and monotonous. If you like to combine several colors such as beige and gray. You can also combine with the natural stone used for wall terraces.



If you are good at drawing created, maybe you can also decorate the walls of the terrace with the pictures that are not too flashy by using airbrush techniques in order to smooth the results. Picture a garden with blooming flowers are the most commonly used concept in the design minimalist terrace house. But you should also pay attention to the existing furniture in your patio.



For the floor, try not to wear the same tile on the floor of the living room. The design minimalist terrace house would be neat if you use a rather rough floor. Besides not slippery when exposed to splashes of rain water, also gives the impression of natural when combined with small flower pots that you put on the edge of the terrace. As for the roof you have many options, but the most common is to paint it with white so as not to look bleak. The design of this patio would be slick if you also have a small garden or beside the front porch of your home. Good luck.

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