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Creating Minimalist Home Garden For minimalist

Creating Minimalist Home Garden For minimalist - If you feel that minimalist home you less cool, you can build a park either in the home or outside the home. Minimalist house is actually designed for urban areas there is little land. Thus, somehow, people should be able to build a house on a narrow area, then be minimalist home. Due to urban land, should the house though narrow, still bring coolness to the residents who live in it.

Garden in the House

Park in a minimalist home usually requires an area that should be considered so that still looks cool and does not interfere with the mobility of family members. Most minimalist house with an area which is pretty much a garden in the living room or in the living room. These gardens are usually equipped with a small pond, a small waterfall, some fish, and some greenery. You can make it with artificial stones just to save costs and Arrange in such a way, for example, really like the shape of the river mini or mini cliff. Add the yellow light so as to create a romantic atmosphere.

Minimalist Home Garden Design

Garden House Minimalist House Modern Minimalist For

Creating Minimalist Home Garden For minimalist

Minimalist Home Garden For minimalist

If the room in a minimalist house was left a little, you can create a garden in a corner. You can also make it down the hall to the bathroom. Use only green grass and some white stones as decoration. Add potted plants, and do not need to add a fish pond. To create a waterfall, you can make a direct flow from the walls created as if the original stone walls.

Garden on the Road

Minimalist home garden can also be made ​​outside the home. Make the first terrace, and the remaining pages, you can plant grass. Make the fence next to the house that there is no garage or carportnya with walls as if made of stone walls. You can hang several types of orchids on the wall, then at the bottom you can plant shrubs or can be potted plants. Add little benches if fit. The most important thing is the lighting. For the type of park like this, you can add a white light.

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