Sunday, October 11, 2015

Create a Minimalist Living Room With Minimalist Sofa

Minimalist living room is currently popular in the urban communities of the world, with increasingly limited land the big city people tend to prefer to have a minimalist home despite the limited width of the room. Broad or narrow room this time is not a major obstacle to creating an atmosphere that is attractive and comfortable for both the host and the guests who visit the home.

Importance Selection sofa or guest chair

Selection of a sofa or chair in minimalist living room is the most important thing in creating the impression of a comfortable and attractive on a house. This is because most of the guests who visit the home would have been sitting on the couch, so it may be the first thing seen by the guest when he first entered your home is a chair or sofa in the living room. Therefore, you should adjust the furniture that are around in order to look mismatched in terms of motifs and colors.


Here are some of the kinds of models of sofa chair for minimalist living room that you might choose for your home, including:

- Sofa contemporary (modern)


In modern sofa design is relatively simple because the character who prefers the comfort of the sofa than the design in terms of soft material and very comfortable to sit. Construction of modern sofa is very little wear wooden elements, the shape is simple with the edge of the chair (usually the handle is parallel to the base. An example is the model of contemporary sofa sofa chair Tuxedo

- Sofa Country


Country style sofa is unique, tends casual and unofficial, so it is very fitting for a minimalist living room is relaxed yet nuanced character. Generally the country encrusted sofa washable cotton fabric. So it is very safe for families with small children or pets, the country is an example of the sofa seat sofa The English.

- Sofa other models


In addition to the above there are several models of sofa models such as sofa loveseat, sofa bed, sleeper sofa, and a sofa-type section.

Adjusting Type Sofa With Home Circumstances

Although the room is identical with minimalist house width is limited, but that does not mean that reduce comfort in occupying it. Because by choosing furniture and wall paint color matching, it will create comfort for the occupants. Likewise with the guests who come to visit, with a comfortable sofa with a selection of models, colors and strong design that will make your guests feel at home in a minimalist living room you.

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