Sunday, October 11, 2015

Choosing Paint Color For House Minimalist Exterior and Interior

When you're trying to paint your house, maybe you need some references. Color paint minimalist house indeed will greatly affect the look of your home. Some people, especially those with a residential house, surrendered to the colors that have been provided by the developer. It will trap you in a monotonous impression. Just look at the environmental atmosphere that makes you resemble one another. This does not mean you can not change it, there is always a choice even with the most secure, easy and of course cheap. To change the look of your home away from monotonous impression you could try the following steps.

Exterior color would give the impression in your home. This is because the exterior colors will be first considered. In choosing the paint you can adjust to the atmosphere. If you are in an atmosphere that is quite beautiful, then you can use natural colors such as blue and green as the color on the outside. Balance your natural color to display the environment so it does not look flashy. Solid color is more recommended than the flashy neon colors and pastels are too soft. If you still want to stick with white, use broken white color for choice minimalist house paint you.

Examples of Color-exterior-paint-house-Minimalist-Newest


As for the color of your interior will be more free to explore. You can choose your favorite colors to be applied in any room. But do not waste a lot of money to create different shades for each room. You can use the same color for a public area, and use your favorite color to any personal space. It will mediate family tastes without having hassles determine the type of the same color.




Pair with creative color combinations. You can create two different sides of the wall color with the color exchange in any room. It would be better used in the form of color gradation so you do not have to buy a new color, but only played a mix of colors on the palette provided by the brand of paint you choose. With the above tips you will be able to get away from the monotonous atmosphere by applying a minimalist choice of house paint in your home.

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