Sunday, October 11, 2015

Chairs minimalist terrace house

Do not underestimate the chair on the porch. Although seem trivial, but the seats are very provide impression. Moreover, the first impression when entering the house. Patio chairs that are in front of the house has an important role that welcomes guests who come first kali.Tamu usually reluctant to get into the house when the landlord purposes only briefly.

However, there is his guest chair with a comfortable feeling tired and more relaxed when chatting can be felt by the owner rumah.Kursi terrace is in a terrace house minimalist it should be chosen because of several factors. To stay awaet and look good.

Chairs Teak Terrace Houses Of Materials
Tips on choosing patio chairs minimalist house

1. Materials patio chairs 
Patio chairs minimalist house which is placed in front to be more weatherproof. It is based on the type of roof bentk minimalist house minimalist. Usually seats are in front of the house occasionally exposed to rain and heat. If the material provided in the timber is less suitable for rapid deterioration. Should the chair is made of ferrous material make it more durable.

2. Themes chair design 
Mother seat design theme is do not put the seat width and length for the type of minimalist home. Because minimalist home generally have a narrow and small patio. Put only two seats were added with a small table, a vase of flowers, and tablecloths. It was enough to enhance your home with a minimalist style.

3. Color seat 
If you want to paint the patio chairs minimalist house can be adjusted by pillars. It was so not a lot of color so it looks harmonious. Harmony that caused the cause of people who were on the porch to be more comfortable. Choose paint colors that dry quickly, not easily worn out and damaged if exposed to sun and rain. Because temapt sitting position on the porch of the house. Tablecloths and flowers was chosen watertight. So if exposed to rain just need to wipe with a clean cloth and dry. It allows us to take care of the house minimalist style.

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