Sunday, October 11, 2015

Best Model Home Option 2 Minimalist House Floor

Model 2 storey minimalist house - Having a comfortable minimalist house is the dream of every family. Which family do not want all the family members at home to spend some time at home and hanging out and joking banter together. Therefore create a home atmosphere as comfortable as possible, one of which is to make a new design on the interior of the house. There are many reasons people want to renovate re-occupied homes, for example, extending family and thus require more space.

Minimalist house one floor may be too small for your family, maybe minimalist house with two-story boat may be the best option. Not much difference, only models with 2 floor minimalist house has more space on 2 levels compared with minimalist house one floor. For those of you who want to know more about the 2-storey minimalist house I will give an example of a minimalist home model is a 2 storey house minimalist type 70.



Model minimalist type 70 has a typical on interornya and exterior. The form must be minimalist, not too big but simple. still maintaining the minimalist principle, minimalist house type 70 still left an impression simply by selection of ornaments and a matching color. Talk about the inside of the house, the house of this type has only a few rooms and a main course on its 2nd floor 2 bedroom can be added to the child as well as the balcony to see the sights outside.



On the outside of the home, you can apply some of your creations such as the selection of materials and colors at the gate, or you also may not have to apply a garage on your house if it is considered safe, especially for those who live in the complex area of ​​the existing facility security. Thus, your minimalist home that does not have a large yard will look more spacious especially coupled with the grass. Green and cool atmosphere will be felt on the model of your minimalist house 2 floors.

This 2 storey house models you can develop better fit your taste of each. But it must be in accordance with the theme added with some additional properties to beautify your home. By doing so, the model 2 storey minimalist house dream house you will be looking at every eye. May be useful.

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