Sunday, October 11, 2015

Beautify Home with a Minimalist House Fence

As one of the properties of a minimalist home that emphasizes functionality, without compromising the aesthetics, making it memorable is simple but comfortable. One form of simplicity is described by the level of efficiency in the use of land, material selection, as well as elements of lines and geometry that makes it look elegant. It is easy to distinguish this type of house with other types, and most clearly visible is the use of the fence, as the outer portion of the house.

To ensure the safety of occupants of the house, of course, the fence has a very important role. This does not mean that the fence had to be made because the creepy minimalist type allows the fence to retain its function but still look beautiful and elegant.

Beautify Home with a Minimalist House Fence

Home-decorating-with-a-Minimalist House Fence
Beautify Home with a Minimalist House Fence

Home with Minimalist Fence Houses

Home with Modern Minimalist House Fence

Designing minimalist fence

There are a few things you should consider in designing minimalist fence in order to impress you unique and stay beautiful. The first thing you should consider is the material you use. The materials you use must be strong because the fence is located outside the home so it will be very susceptible to the weather. Second, note the color. If you use an iron, usually the colors that you use is black, do not forget to paint it periodically because the color of ferric iron will be easy to peel and iron are also very susceptible to rust. Third, determine the style that you want. Do you want patterned vertical lines, horizaontal lines, boxes, kites, or tendrils motive? Adjust to your taste.

Minimalist fence with natural stone material

Although minimalist house is generally used as a basis for making iron fence minimalist , but this type of material is very easily corroded due to the weather. Natural stone can be used as an alternative. Unlike iron, natural stone is more adaptive to weather. However, the natural stone is very susceptible to humidity levels. When it rains, for example, because the humidity is very high, natural stone is very easy to moss.

In contrast to the iron will rust if exposed to more easily weathered, not so with the natural stone because it will be easy dibersihakan moss. In fact, if well maintained, natural stone will be durable and kept impressing new. Because natural stone has its own pattern, you can use this uniqueness or you can also design it to your taste. Good luck!

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