Sunday, October 11, 2015

Advantages and Simple House Design Pros

Simple home design a home design is one that should be selected as the consideration of residential homes comfortable and pleasant place to live. Needless to big or grand, simple house can also provide satisfaction to its owner. The house is simple does not mean it is. We can manage the contents in the home, such as furniture, wall colors and other accessories in the house. In addition, we can also easily clean up the house so the house looks always clean all day.

Another advantage that we will get from the simple design is that we do not require a large area, because this type of house usually only has one living room, 2 bedrooms and 1 toilet. This will bring another advantage for us, the cost of which is less and the time required to build a house is also shorter, so we have plenty of time to set the interior of the house.



Nevertheless, the simple design of this house, has a number of rooms were a bit limited so make us to be wise in choosing and arranging the furniture that will be used in the design of a simple house . The size of the furniture that will be placed in the room should have a smaller size so that it is easy to arrange. In order to house the ventilation and adequate lighting, we can add a lot of windows in every room.



Extensive that we take to build a living room is the 3 × 6 meters. Providing a vast space as a living room will help us when gathered with family. This is because at home with simple design, it is usually not provided the family room. If the land is not so widely available, we can work around this by providing a bright color, such as white, in the living room wall. Besides choosing a sofa with a small size, the color of the sofa should also be selected according to the color of the walls of the living room itself. The addition of certain carpets with motifs will further add to the impression of elegance to the living room. In addition, we can make a kitchen space by providing good insulation using a cupboard or curtain of bamboo.



In addition to the living room, we also need to pay attention to the bedroom. Provide at least two rooms as bedrooms, one room serves as the main room for the father and mother, was another room that serves as a child's bedroom. In this room, we can provide tables and chairs that are not too large to perform activities such as work or study. To save space in the bedroom dapam, who have a passion for reading can be hung on the bookshelves in the room.



As a complement to the simple design of the house, we can add one piece toilet that can double as a dress cucui. Actually there are many other accents that we can add to the house with this model. However, it should be noted that given the size of the space is limited, you sebaikanya be wise in managing goods or furniture that are likely to have the functions and benefits of the house itself. May be useful.

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