Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Brief About The Minimalist Definition

What is the definition of a minimalist home?. May have been many people know about the minimalist home but do not know what the definition of a minimalist home sebanarnya. Well, for that we present this article to inform you about the definition of a minimalist home is now again buming discussed.

Universally, minimalist house has a minimalist architectural style in which this style of display elements only as needed, as simple as possible but seem very elegant. Alongside the word minimalist house, we often hear the word minimalist home design. The minimalist design is a reference to talk when you're planning to build a minimalist house .

Minimalist house has some characteristic in which we can know so elegant a minimalist home, its features are:

1. From the exterior side (the front of the house minimalist)


Geometric shapes and lines in a minimalist home tend to be decisive and in general dominated by the horizontal line and a vertical loop.
It has a window and a wide opening that can provide views to the outside are more liberal.
The roof is almost flat.
Minimalist in the arrangement of the landscape as well as a large plant is only used as a vocal point only.
2. From the interior side (the inside of the house minimalist)


The space is in a minimalist house is generally open / minimal only be blocked by a wall.
Do not apply carved ornaments, just apply interior ornaments such as the use of cornices
The play of color (2 to 3 colors) are often used
Furniture in a minimalist house looks simple, plain nan firm without engraving.
In general, implementing the use of light (either artificial or natural) in order to avoid the monotonous nature.
Well, of some characteristic possessed by minimalist house could we know that it is likely to be more effective minimalist home and efficient. How not? Do not use a minimalist home architecture is too complicated and difficult, which in turn only lead to boredom and monotony properties only. And the use of the budget as less impressed properties more efficient. So do not be surprised if the current minimalist house has become a trend among the people.

Possibly, many think that the house is luxurious, large and has a very complicated architecture looks so nice but apparently only a few inhabitants, and many were empty, so it all becomes ineffective, it is better to have a minimalist home can more easily gather with the family and more comfortable not too many big empty room and unused or wasted.

A few of our article on the definition of a minimalist home, we hope to benefit you and hopefully make an insight for you. Thank you.

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