Sunday, October 11, 2015

4 How to Build a Beautiful Minimalist House Terrace

Designing minimalist terrace house is not an easy task. Because the front part of the house must have aesthetic value (beauty) that can be enjoyed by homeowners or guests who were visiting. In addition, the patio should certainly support the concept of a minimalist home that you select as a whole. One-one design of the terrace houses will worsen the beauty of the shape of the building itself.

Things to note about the porch 

To get around this, you should certainly be wise search for other references. At least there are some important things you should consider when building a minimalist terrace house.

1. Power of porch poles

When you decide to add a pole on the porch, you already have to take into account the strength of the pole is constructed. Because these columns will have to support the load of the building terrace. The more crowing pole built in a minimalist home, the detail of the calculations to be made anyway.



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The terrace-house-minimalist-With-Garden-Swimming-Fish

2. Design the porch pole

To strengthen the design of your home, choose a pole design minimalist terrace house which is capable of supporting its beauty. Generally, a rectangular-shaped patio design will further reinforce the impression of a minimalist outdoor your house. Surely this pole design must also match the color that you will pour in your home.

3. Material terrace

The next step to consider is the material itself terrace house. The concept of a minimalist home generally use cement to build a pole house. But do not worry, you can be creative with wood or metal. One thing is for sure, you still have to take into account the concept of home as a whole to decide.

4. Selection of ceramics

Slightly different from the inside, basically the front porch is in direct contact with the weather. Therefore, try to choose the tiles that are not so slippery. So when it rains, the floor is not slippery when it is stepped fixed. Select also the flooring material that is not damaged when it should berpaparan with direct sunlight. Because the floor will be exposed to the sun every day. Select also the ceramic design that is not so crowded so as not to disturb the scenery.

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